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Whether it is a speed square or a larger ruler, you can always mark a useful guideline for a perfectly straight cut with a circular saw.


Now it is time to place the circular saw on the piece to cut and prepare for a straight cut with the circular saw off. Remember that a straight cut is even and needs to be accurate, so be sure to follow these guidelines for better results;. It is time to start cutting the piece of wood, always after following the previous step correctly. In this one, you should be already in position and ready to slide the tool. The saw needs to be guided until the end of the cut if you want better results. This process is easier than the first one as cutting thicker wood pieces is not as hard as cutting thin ones.

This method is all about creating your own jig to make the straightest cuts possible without fault.

It works for either think or thick pieces of wood. Follow the steps for best results;. The first step to make is the creation of a fence and a stop for the jig.

This is what will help to make the cuts more effectively when needed. With screws, you have more security and a way better leveling between the two. After gluing the fence and the stop, it is time to create the bottom guide on which the wood to cut will pass through. Now it is time to prepare the piece of wood you want to cut, remember it should be as precise as possible with a ruler or square. This process will make the straightest cuts you can think of, without even making much of an effort. And if you want even better results, you can place the jig against a wall to prevent it from moving.

So, are you ready to make the best straight cuts with a circular saw?

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The results will surprise you. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The following methods will make your straight cuts perfect; 1. Or at least nail it as close to the border as possible so you can get rid of that part eventually. Make sure the board or wood piece is well-secured. The nails should be tightened up well.

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Follow this process;. To ensure future receipt of our emails, please add YesStyle's email address to your Address Book or Contacts. Discover more around the web:. Creating straight lines and cutting straight pieces of long boards can be done easily and more effectively using a table saw, but with some training, and a little bit of fineness, you will be able to beat the table saw and create smooth yet beautiful straight cuts. What's in it for me More portions per kilogram Long holding time Premium quality. You can do this using a table saw, but not many of us have table saws in their workshop. Statistics for straight-cut Look-up Popularity.

Place another table or board of the same length over the one you want to cut and use it as a guide. Make sure the edge of the table on top fits directly with the guideline you marked earlier. The wood should be stronger and very reliable. For the best result, you can use a clamp in the back of the pieces of wood opposed to the place you want to cut.


Make sure the clamp is not too large. If you can use two or three small clamps, it will be far better. The blade should be at least half an inch away from the piece of wood, close to the line. Then you can press your index finger into the saw shoe for making it tight and more precise while sliding. Now start the tool with the desired cutting level and pressure the saw to the table.

Guide the saw along the guideline keeping the pressure with the fingers. After positioning your hand on the wide part of the saw shoe, make sure you guide the saw along with the hand. Do not pressure down but forward, as your fingers will act as a guide for the tool. If in any moment the saw starts winding off the guideline, you can turn it off and start again from 4 to 10 inches back and try to follow the line once again. This will help you gain accuracy without damaging the uncut part with imprecise slicing.

Always keep a firm grip on the product to prevent the tool from sliding off its guide. When you are close to finishing, make sure the saw blade goes beyond the piece of wood. Do not stop until the edge gets out entirely or the cut part falls. Clamp the Wood Piece The best to clamp a piece of wood is to use either sawhorses or a large workbench.

Place the sawhorse in a comfortable position in your workshop.

Make sure it has enough space to all sides so you can move freely around when using. Remember that the part to cut will be on the side with no support. You may also clamp the wood piece to any flat and strong surface that can hold the table without falling or moving. Using clamps, nails or screws will be enough, as long as the piece is not too thin or too heavy. Draw the Line to Cut Whether it is a speed square or a larger ruler, you can always mark a useful guideline for a perfectly straight cut with a circular saw.

Remember to mark the line clearly, and as straight as possible, it will be used for the cutting. You may also mark the line with another long table over the one to cut. You can use the marker, pencil or an X-act to make the guideline.

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Make sure the edge of the top table is as straight as possible for the line to be the exact match for a precise cut. Take the top table off before cutting for the best results in the thick wood. Prepare for the Cutting Now it is time to place the circular saw on the piece to cut and prepare for a straight cut with the circular saw off. Remember that a straight cut is even and needs to be accurate, so be sure to follow these guidelines for better results; Place the circular saw close to the piece of wood.

The shoe, or metal frame around the saw, needs to be pressure against the table to cut. Do this with your thumb or three fingers for a stronger grip. Remember to grab the saw with your lead hand. And make the pressure to the shoe of the saw with the other. The handle of the saw should face backward or you, and you should be located precisely behind the tool for the best result when you start cutting.


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Then make sure the blade of the saw is on the opposite side of your hands. Please update your browser. Offer ends this month!

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