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We ll show another example of overriding the InitializeLifetimeService method in Chapter 3. The ILease interface defines the following properties that the. NET Remoting infrastructure uses to manage an object s lifetime:. We ll look at an example of manipulating a lease s properties in Chapter 3. For now, it s important to understand the purpose of each of the properties that ILease defines. The InitialLeaseTime property is a TimeSpan value that determines how long the lease is initially valid. When the. An InitialLeaseTime value of 0 indicates that the lease will never expire.

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NET Remoting infrastructure uses the RenewOnCallTime property to renew a lease each time a client calls a method on the remote object associated with the lease. When the client calls a method on the remote object, the. NET Remoting infrastructure will determine how much time remains until the lease expires.

Microsoft® .NET Remoting

If the time remaining is less than RenewOnCallTime , the. The SponsorshipTimeout property is essentially a timeout value that indicates how long the. NET Remoting infrastructure will wait after notifying a sponsor that the lease has expired. We ll look at sponsors shortly. The CurrentLeaseTime property indicates the amount of time remaining until the lease expires. This property is read-only.

Each application domain contains a lease manager that manages leases for instances of remotable object types residing in the application domain. NET Remoting infrastructure activates a remote object, the. NET Remoting infrastructure registers a lease for that object with the application domain s lease manager. The lease manager maintains a System.

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Hashtable member that maps leases to System. DateTime instances that represent when each lease is due to expire. The lease manager periodically enumerates all the leases it s currently managing to determine whether the current time is greater than the lease s expiration time.

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By default, the lease manager wakes up every 10 seconds and checks whether any leases have expired, but this polling interval is configurable. The following code snippet changes the lease manager s polling interval to 5 minutes:. The lease manager notifies each expired lease that it has expired, at which point the lease will begin asking its sponsors to renew it. NET Remoting to develop distributed application Two-thirds of the book covers advanced features of.

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NET Remoting is a Microsoft application programming interface (API) for interprocess communication released in with the version Framework. Fitch and Mather Remoting for its distributed deployment scenarios. Remoting technology provides a framework for distributing.

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The Microsoft Office application loads the Microsoft. NET Framework 1. NET library client components are based on Microsoft. NET Framework 2.