Leadership Isnt For Cowards: How to Drive Performance by Challenging People and Confronting Problems

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I believe you, too, will find it a useful way to remember the important parts of being a courageous leader. The following six sections of this book are each built around one letter of that acronym:. You have already read an introductory section, and when we finish with the acronym I will wrap up with a concluding section.

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For example, he complains about his workoad. That was it. Possibly, but not probable. School shooter did not expect any challenge. The next one is luke-warm. This time we'll start it properly. Counselors document the request of clients and the rationale for withholding some or all of the records in the files of clients.

Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. Consider which characteristic most resembles the team you spend most of your time in your organization. Two Quick Openers on Dysfunctional Teams: 1. Dysfunctional teams are often successful teams that in reality are missing their potential by immense margins.

Make no mistake though, the dysfunctional team is successful in spite of these dysfunctions, not because of them. Eliminating team dysfunctions and replacing them with healthy aspects is an ongoing leadership discipline and responsibility.

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Have your managers place a checkmark by either A or B to indicate which tendency is present more than its counterpart and bring the results to your next meeting to discuss. People just go along, even when they disagree or believe something is wrong or could be done better. Meetings are marginalized as people are allowed to use computers or phones to get other work done while at the meeting.

Meetings are for learning, sharing, brainstorming ideas, and discussing important topics. Engagement in these endeavors is weakened as others are at the meeting physically, but elsewhere mentally. Too many pointless or lengthy meetings are being held. If a meeting has no set agenda, routinely rehashes old topics, fails to add value or improve the organization, or discusses in person what could have been accomplished through technology, it is part of the problem. Mediocrity is rewarded with too-generous pay, and excessive time and attention, while top performers are routinely ignored or taken for granted.

Accomplishment trumps activity. Effort is acclaimed without enough regard to results. Dysfunctional teams have invisible elephants, too. Usually they do things that might cause difficulties for people with enough clout to prevent their discussion. Thus, they persist and worsen. Rules are enforced based on who you are or who you know, rather than on what you do.

Tags: dysfunctional , leadership , poor performers , success , team Posted in Uncategorized. This creates a feeling of helplessness that affects both confidence and effectiveness. A hard truth is that much of the stress leaders endure in the workplace, or in their personal lives, is self-induced. Following are a handful of thoughts and strategies to reduce the unnecessary, self-induced, stress that inhibits your performance, and can hijack both joy and health from your life:. Most all of the issues mentioned here are matters of developing a healthier mindset.

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So will listening to my podcast, The Game Changer Life. Your business is only going to get better when you do, and real improvement begins with upgrading the quality of your thinking. Unfortunately, I have a number of pressing obligations at this time that would prevent me from doing a good job with what you ask.

But I appreciate your confidence in thinking of me. Delegate to competent others.

Delegate or outsource your weaknesses and non-priorities to others. This is especially helpful when it is something that someone else — who is closer to it that you — can do as well as you, or will become more productive and valuable in learning how to do it and not having to wait on you to get it done. Certain nickel and dime decisions that others constantly wear you out with are a good place to start in this regard.

Stop winging it and start preparing. Making your day up as you go along because you failed to structure it properly creates a reactionary leadership style that worsens stress. Remember: the more you prepare, the less you have to repair. They understand that failing to prepare is both lazy and reckless. Consider this: it is estimated by time management experts that the ratio of preparation to time saved in execution is In other words, 10 minutes of preparation saves 30 minutes of execution, one hour of preparation saves three hours of execution, and so forth.

This makes preparation one of the highest returning investments in business and life! And not only does preparation build confidence as you face a day, it also reduces stress in the process. In fact, lack of confidence is a common culprit of stress. Getting outgrown by peers and by the industry is stressful. So fix it. Become more coachable. This will also help you accomplish what was shared in point five.

Procrastination immobilizes you and stresses you out repeatedly…over the same issue. As you can see, pretty much everything listed here that may be ailing you and causing you undue stress is self-induced.

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Tags: Dave Anderson , delegate , leadership , management , organization , skills Posted in Uncategorized. When you see him or her walking down the hall you can almost smell drama and a headache. The following points are designed to create self-awareness and strategies to help stop drama in your workplace, and to curtail the development of drama-babies. Typically, drama-babies are those who are chronically bored, or who have an inordinate craving for attention.

Drama-babies enjoy manipulating others, oftentimes dragging them into their hyperbolic fantasyland to gain attention, or make their own dullard existence more interesting. Following are five evidences of drama in general, and of drama-babies specifically, followed by five suggested remedies. Be aware of these symptoms; watch for them; address them when they manifest; and encourage peer accountability to discourage dramatic behavior from top to bottom in your dealership. Example: Over time, drama-babies communicate an unlikely and immense trail of crises in their lives that may include exaggerated family, health, or relationship issues.

Example: You normally know far too much information about drama-babies; every headache, heartache, and hemorrhoid is described in agonizing detail. Example: Starting or hearing rumors and blowing them out of proportion; or, presenting with authority what they have minimal—if any—facts to base their claims on.

Five Remedies for Drama 1. Start with your own example.

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Go to work to work smart, and focus on the aspects of your job you can control. Speak more in terms of what is positive, possible, and productive. Stop being consumed with what someone else is doing or getting and mind your own business. Look for ways to add value, bring solutions to the table and positively impact team members and customers alike. My book, Unstoppable, goes into extensive detail for how to develop this essential discipline. In a nutshell: limit your intake of garbage media, websites, and conversations, and replace it with a structured routine that inspires, motivates, and educates.

And start it before you get to work in the morning. Get in the zone before you leave your house for the dealership. Keep yourself and others so busy with high expectations and the productive activities necessary to achieve them that there is no time for drama. Remember that human beings, including yourself, develop to their potential within the confines of a structured and effective daily routine—one that leaves no time to initiate or listen to drama-baby nonsense. Conversationally, firmly, and respectfully address drama and refocus the perpetrator on something more productive, and encourage team members to do likewise.

This type of peer accountability is essential to driving out drama.

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Set the example with words like:. What you reinforce with positive attention, including drama, you can expect to see more of. And if YOU are a leader who engages in drama personally, you are giving those in your charge license to do likewise.

Leadership Isn't for Cowards: How to Drive Performance by Challenging People and

Tags: behavior , Dave Anderson , drama , leadership , remedies Posted in Uncategorized. Leading Across Generations July 5th, Leading Across Generations Much has been written and spoken over the decades on adjustments leaders must make to connect with and get the most out of a specific generation. Four Foundational Thoughts on Generational Leadership: 1.

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To improve performance , a coach will provide feedback concerning poor performance, and immediately follow it up by redefining a performance expectation. Leading with Level One Accountability April 19th, There are four levels of accountability in any organization, and within the departments of that organization. This is because lack of accountability from one person may affect performance, the employee experience, and the customer experience throughout the organization.

The real and true objective of accountability is to improve performance. Level Three: Top-Down accountability. Level Two: Peer-to-Peer accountability. Level One: Self-Accountability. Leadership Isn't For Cowards offers straightforward steps to leading courageously and practical tips for driving performance. Courageous leadership means toughening your approach by being rigorous in the application of your values through the company culture.

It means confronting and challenging people, and not letting them get away with being less than you know they can be.