Helminth Zoonoses

Helminth Zoonoses
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Prevalence of gastrointestinal helminth parasites of zoonotic significance in dogs and cats in lower Northern Thailand. Keywords: cat , dog , gastrointestinal helminth , Thailand , zoonotic parasite. Browse "Advance Publication" version. Article overview. Prevalence of gastrointestinal helminth parasites of zoonotic significance in dogs and cats in lower Northern Thailand.

Keywords: cat , dog , gastrointestinal helminth , Thailand , zoonotic parasite.

Browse "Advance Publication" version. Article overview. References Related articles 0. Figures 0.


Some of the most important and well-known human zoonoses are caused by worm or helminth parasites, including species of nematodes (trichinellosis). Int J Parasitol. Nov;30() Emerging helminth zoonoses. McCarthy J(1), Moore TA. Author information: (1)Department of Medicine, Fremantle.

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1. Introduction

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The sampling sites were selected from within two animal shelters located in Klang Valley latitude 3. Issue Section:. This might be 1 reason that indicated protective associations between helminth exposure and allergic outcomes in the parent population did not reach statistical significance, despite the fact that this population had higher prevalence of Ascaris and Toxocara seropositivity. Seropositivity to both parasites has been reported in northern Europe, but not in Scandinavia. Supporting Information. Changes in response to helminth exposure may provide insights into the increase in allergy incidence in affluent countries.

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Services on Demand Journal. Principal Zoonoses of the Old World except East and Southeast Asia As shown in Table 1 , the majority of findings of animal parasites in human archaeological material from the Old World are concentrated in Europe, where numerous latrines provide material for paleoparasitological analyses of practically the entire continent East and Southeast Asia In Asia, especially in Japan, findings are related mainly to parasites acquired through the consumption of raw fish, a cultural tradition that dates to prehistoric times, popularized with the emergence of sushi in the 4 th century AD 65 Table 2.

South America In South America, a zoonosis that is known to have occurred in a prehistoric population and that still exists in current-day populations in Peru and Chile is the presence of Diphyllobothrium pacificum.