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Libraries help communities thrive

Fortunately, library use is up. Membership is up too, growing from 8. Each branch had its own character, reflecting the community it served. The books are still there, and we lose nothing by making the library a safe space for the community — especially vulnerable groups increasingly left behind by growing inequality. As US academic and library advocate R.

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They give communities something to remember and admire. The challenge facing public architecture is to provide every generation with structures that link them with their past, fill them with pride, and reinforce their sense of belonging. Keeping libraries in the center of town, and having them reflect high standards of design, is a challenge a growing number of communities are successfully meeting.


Heart of the Community: The Libraries We Love: Treasured Libraries of the United States and Canada [Karen Christensen, David Levinson] on snakwalldeha.ga A gorgeous coffee table book showcasing an icon of American life, the public library. Heart of the Community: The Libraries We Love is a.

Hudson is a small city population 22, , midway between Cleveland and Akron. It has elements of both a suburb and a small town. In the center of Hudson is its historic Main Street business district, home to the city's library.

Community Impact at the Library: Mariah's Story

Opened in , the library is housed in a stately brick building, with functional but very attractively designed interior spaces. The heart of the library is its rotunda, proof that the design of libraries today can match that of the classic Carnegie library buildings of a century ago. New libraries tend to need considerably more space than their earlier counterparts.

That's the case in Hudson, where the new library building at 50, square feet is much bigger than the old building at 17, square feet. At first blush this seems counter-intuitive.

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Why in today's internet and digital age would libraries need to be larger? More importantly, why do they seem in even greater demand? Add in over 50 public computer terminals, access to state and local databases, and a collection of more than 7, DVDs. Plus a coffee shop to hang out in, and an outdoor patio. You can even borrow laptops from the library, and use them anywhere in the building or on the patio.

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The cornerstone was laid in , and a year later the library opened. A former library trustee, he has written about the Sturgis Library with wry fondness. It also brings people together. My kids are always asking to go to the library, and my wife and I greatly benefit from the online book collections both fiction and non-fiction. We will be back next week with another interesting article from the library world! Customers access its website more than , times each week. In county residents voted to double the amount of county property tax that supports this library and other libraries in the county.

While the library has a large children's reading room, Smith told me that perhaps the smartest move the library made was to also include a separate room for teens. The Hudson library doesn't close till 9 pm, Monday through Thursday, and is open a total of 69 hours each week.

Heart of Our City — Joe Zelwietro sees the library for more than its books

The library also makes extensive use of volunteers, including "tech wizards" who help out in the computer center. The residents of Hudson have decided that the library is a key service they want for their community. The numbers attest to this, as there are more than 23, registered library users, who checked out , items last year.