Engineering Problem Solving : A Classical Perspective

Design Thinking, Essential Problem Solving 101- It’s More Than Scientific
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Pdf Engineering Problem Solving: A Classical Perspective 2001

This book fills in many of the gaps in engineering education by showing students and professionals the historical background of problem solving. He provides a thorough treatment of similitude, dimensional analysis, and computers as problem solving tools.

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If you need be or Please a portfolio for Customer Service, see us. The quantity gh is the energy output per unit mass of fluid outflow. The left hand section is shown as a free body in Fig. View Section, 3. Equating force components in the vertical direction to zero for equilibrium: Eq.

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Engineering, at its origins, was a profession of problem solving. The classic text, Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences by Galileo Galilei is revisited in this ambitious and comprehensive book by Milton Shaw. Start reading Engineering Problem Solving: A Classical Perspective on. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr. Shaw is the distinguished holder of two honorary PhDs in engineering in addition to the Doctor of Science degree he.

Get to Know Us. Customer Service. Some additional thinking may be needed to convert from the generic solutions into specific solutions. It is usually more complex and time-consuming to take the process-oriented path rather than the content-oriented. Once the specific solutions are found, a systematic solution evaluation is needed to determine feasibility and desirability of the solutions.

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The solution s that pass the evaluation and selection processes are then implemented by project planning, execution, etc. Hopefully, the problem is now solved satisfactorily.

The problem explorer and definition tools include benefit analysis, problem hierarchy analysis, resource analysis, constraints analysis, etc. These tools help us to make sure that:.

The problem exploration and definition tools help us focus on the right problem at the right position, with the problem contents and boundary well-defined and positioned ready for further analysis. Function attribute analysis FAA takes the problem as the system of analysis, breaks it down into components, and identifies the relationships among the components and the attributes of those components.

Problem-Solving and Two Schools of Thought

FAA helps us further understand the system in detail and formulate it into a format ready for the following TRIZ solving tools:. Figure 3: Relationships Among TRIZ Tools Black type denotes tool names; red type describes the relationships; blue lines and type indicate the comparisons.

The Four Basic Steps of the Problem-Solving Process

Technology S-curves usually use some sort of ideality measure on the vertical axis and some form of timing measure on the horizontal side, thus relating S-curve and ideality. Each stage of evolutionary trends is an S-curve by itself. When we use evolutionary trends as solution triggers for our improvement ideas, we are leap-frogging forward on system improvements, as the ideas hinted by the evolutionary stages signify disruptive jumps.

We use the best of existing technology stages to help us jump forward one or several stages. All the technical evolutionary stages develop toward increasing ideality at the system level and, also, in normal cases, at the components level — this relates trends and ideality. Three types of improvement thinking are contrasted here.

There is no clear-cut answer for which way is better — examining all three ways of thinking can lead to improvements. It is a measure of ultimate performance. The achievement of highest ideality is the IFR. The IFR concept allows for powerful backward thinking to achieve the best possible solution — fast. Trimming can look to the IFR for guidance and the S-curve can use ideality as its performance measure. The use of resources encourages us to minimize the use of resources and use all free resources as much as possible. This contributes to the minimization of cost on the ideality equation for improvements.

Each previous stage on the evolutionary trend can be used as the resource for the next stage. This relates the IFR, resources and trends of evolution. Psychological inertia PI constitutes a barrier that denies us from seeing things with different perspectives. The benefits of thinking from different perspectives allow us to solve problems in a more effective and efficient way — a kind of paradigm shift. Some problems may be difficult to see or solve in one paradigm, yet easily seen or solved in a different one. Nine windows allows us to imagine any subject tool being applied across past-present-future and component-system-super-system perspectives.

The 9 windows tool of PI can be applicable to problem definition tools, FAA, S-curve, evolutionary trends, resources, ideality, etc.

Engineering problem solving : a classical perspective

Even with the separation principles, we can consider transferring from component to system or from one system to another system — also variants of 9 windows thinking. The 9 windows view is an expansion of our regular perspective. The TRIZ body of knowledge was divided into a series of eight short courses, plus one software course. The main concern is to allow industry people to learn the courses in piecemeal — accommodating their work — while presenting them in a comprehensive yet easy-to-learn manner.

By clarifying the difference between content-oriented and process-oriented tools, it becomes clear that problems must be solved with respect to their relevant industries and families. The author acknowledges the assistance of Mr. Ko and Y. If you like the TRIZ Journal, please help us by donating towards domain space, admin and technical support. NavigationSelect a Page:.

Effective Decision Making, Problem Solving and Critical Thinking for Engineers

This lack of relevant content-oriented solutions can be solved by developing specific sets of CMs and IPs for specific industries and applications. Tags classical knowledge.

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