Celebrity Tantrums!: The Official Dirt

Celebrity Tantrums!: The Official Dirt
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May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. May be ex-library. In mid, the New York Post reported that Allen was musing about a permanent move to Europe, a la fellow cradle-robbing directors Charlie Chaplin and Roman Polanski. But it may be money that is making Woody opt for a change of venue and a cheaper lifestyle. It was not until he tried to buy a house, Allen claimed, that he realized his finances were in disarray. The director blamed his longtime production partne.

After days of tearful testimony from the former friends, the lawsuit was settled under confidential terms. The most surprising aspect of the case? Dressed as a pirate or an American Indian, he would appear on album covers and on stage with a white stripe painted across his face. Some pubgoers from Kentish Town, North London, think that stripe should be painted on Ant's back due to his skunk-like behavior in January Wales Pub. D threats against his four-year-old daughter. In a telephone interview from the psych ward, Ant told Britain's Sun newspaper, "I'm not mad.

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The whole thing's a conspiracy and they're just out to get me. The brouhaha prompted Ant to pull his band out of a revival concert tour of the UK, where he was headlining alongside other pop stars of the era, including Howard Jones and Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Cos. Sadly, the tour might have been the tonic Ant needed to stop the downward slide he's reported to be on, thanks in part to his sagging career.

A comeback CD went mostly unnoticed, making his most recent chart hits twenty years old. A combination of stress on the home front and pressure on the job shattered his calm and classy demeanor—if only for a moment—and prompted a regrettable altercation.

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Fresh from his first and monstrous English-language hit "I Need to Know," Anthony was in high demand in both the Spanish- and Englishspeaking worlds. At an airport press conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, local talk show host Leo Fernandez III quizzed the salsa singer about rumors that his new bride was already pregnant. In his lawsuit, Fernandez alleged Anthony roughed him up instead of simply refusing to answer. Christian Anthony Muniz—the child has been given his pop star father's real surname—was born during a trouble-free birth on February 5, The tot's parents separated a year and a half into their marriage but reconciled after five months.

The lawsuit was settled in rare form, with a mea culpa from the proud new papa. Anthony apologized to Fernandez in open court in exchange for the reporter agreeing to drop the lawsuit. Said Anthony's lawyer, "It was an incident that never should have happened.. That spicy recipe likely cooked up the demise one of the most enduring modern love stories in Hollywood: Baldwin's apparent wedded bliss with actress Kim Basinger.

His loose cannon was even sometimes fired on the public, leading a reporter from the New York Post to dub Baldwin "The Bloviator," a nickname quickly adopted by tabloids everywhere. As the news of Baldwin and Basinger's seven-year marriage hitting the skids broke in December , the Academy Award-winning actress refused at first to launch a he said, she said media war despite being on the receiving end of calls from nearly every reporter and gossip columnist in the free world. Indeed, one tabloid ran a photo of the couple engaged in a screaming match outside a Los Angeles restaurant just months before Kim filed divorce papers.

Her father explained, "When it started happening in front of [their daughter] Ireland, Kim said, 'I'm not going to put up with that. Baldwin, star of several films, including The Hunt for Red October, Pearl Harbor, and Ghosts of Mississippi, flew off the handle when a videographer ambushed Kim and the newly born Ireland as they came home from the hospital to their Woodland Hills mansion in March Baldwin admittedly kicked and punched the shutterbug, later claiming it had been in self-defense.

The resulting court case wrapped nearly two years later and resulted in Baldwin paying a small fine for negligence. The photographer, also found partly to blame for the fracas, was on the receiving end of a similar verdict. Don Basinger further claimed that Baldwin enrolled in an anger management course to learn to control his short fuse, but quit after a couple of classes.

Too bad; if he had finished, the life of an innocent piece of technology may have been spared. Early in , witnesses told New York media they saw Baldwin strolling a city street, engaged in a heated cell phone discussion. One wonders who was on the receiving end of such a violent hang-up. Not surprisingly, the Baldwin-Basinger split turned ugly after having gotten off to a civil start. Kim finally broke her silence in April and gave an exclusive interview to the National Enquirer in which she accused her estranged husband of physical abuse during their marriage.

An enraged Billy Baldwin lashed out a week later in defense of his big brother, calling Basinger a "nut case" and "a black widow. Billy said it was time the Baldwins jumped down from the high road and defended their brother, who was being drawn and quartered in the press, even if it annoyed or embarrassed him. Alec wasn't rushing to defend himself.

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As an interview subject, Alec Baldwin is alternately charming and aloof. He often refuses to meet with small groups of journalists while promoting one of his movies, preferring instead to attend press conferences. You know, safety in numbers and all. Although the film s story centers on two men lost in the wilderness, Baldwin was supposed to start out as a hunky leading man, a slick fashion photographer, who evolves into a sort of Grizzly Adams as the story progresses.


Celebrity Tantruns! THE DIRTIVALDRITTE This page intentionally left blank Celebrity Tantrums! THE OFFICIAL DIRTLi. "The scandals, cat fights, temper tantrums, and felonies of more than celebrities are revealed in this chronicle of the most notorious faux pas of the rich and.

AGE Hopkins, his elder costar. Linson later learned why Baldwin was so attached to his facial forestry: he felt it camouflaged a double chin. His involvement with those endeavors has cured the quicktempered Baldwin of any ambition to run for public office himself. It is, after all, a place where anger erupts more often than even he could imagine. That's because she can hardly believe it herself. Fortunately, Hetal Raythatha suffered only minor injuries: a broken wrist and an aching back.

The actress denied intoxication, an angle of the ensuing investigation later dropped due to lack of evidence.

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By the time she reached her late thirties, fearing her fading looks and younger starlets, Joan found herself moving between studios for less pay and the promise of more on- screen opportunities. In Stock. AGE Hopkins, his elder costar. So come along for the ride and experience the most memorable days in the lives of your favorite celebrities, the days they're hoping against hope the world will forget. Captain Jim Tatreau of the LA police force thinks so. Like the offspring of her old nemesis Crawford, Bette's daughter wrote two tell-all books about her mother.

Berry's initial silence regarding the accident spoke volumes, and the latenight talk shows feasted on her shapely carcass. That action resulted in one measly misdemeanor charge of leaving the scene of an accident, a tremendous reduction from felony hit-and-run, which prompted Raythatha's lawyer to cry preferential treatment.

His client filed a civil lawsuit against the Die Another Day star, who later admitted the first few months following the crash were "a living hell. Had she fought the charge and lost, her next performance would likely have been booked in a prison for women, where she could have spent up to a year. The civil suit with Raythatha was settled out of court; the terms were not revealed.

Although not nearly as severe, widely covered, or the butt of as many jokes, Berry was involved in a similar incident three years earlier when the Range Rover she was piloting plowed into a Volkswagen. The VW's driver, Kevin Ackerman, also took legal action and received an undisclosed settlement to ease his pain and suffering. Hopefully hell-on-wheels Halle is now giving up her keys to husband Eric Benet or, better yet, a chauffeur. Fame came into his life twice, professionally speaking. Then, in the , he starred as the tough, cockatoo-owning maverick NYPD Detective Baretta, in the show of the same name.

Blake's hot temper created chaos on the Baretta set. Producers loathed his constant minor complaints; name it and Blake thought he could do it better. The diminutive actor was extremely difficult to work with, but his show was a hit and that was enough to motivate the crew into building a high threshold of tolerance for the irritating star. Despite its good reception, the newly divorced celebrity bailed on the project when his personal life became too much to bear. His erratic real-life behavior and blatant anger over a childhood he felt was misspent in front of the camera lens severed the emotional attachment fans had to him.


The self-imposed exile from show business that followed lasted nearly a decade. He returned L1. Since Blake has become a murder suspect, the public has been rubbing its hands together in anticipation of peeking into the hopefully seedy side of his troubled life. Blake's late second wife was no saint. Bonny Lee Bakely made finding and marrying famous people her life's work.

And she succeeded, to the degree that a paternity test was required to prove her daughter Rose was fathered by Blake and not her other lover, Christian Brando. Bakely is reported to have considered the merits of marrying each man, and weighed Blake's temper favorably against Brando's murder conviction see Marlon Brando. For his part, Blake seemed caught between respect for old-fashioned values and disgust for this woman he apparently felt forced him into a marriage. According to a report in the National Enquirer, Bakely and Blake met at a nightclub as he and friends celebrated his sixty-sixth birthday.

Their physical affair began almost immediately and the actor asked repeatedly for assurance that she was on the Pill. Though Bakely said she was, in actual fact she was reportedly taking fertility drugs. She became pregnant the first time they had sex, which was in a Holiday Inn hotel room. The Enquirer claims Blake pushed for an abortion, but Bakely refused. Instead she demanded a diamond ring-one carat minimum —if Blake wanted to see his youngest child. The actor agreed to marry Bonny after DNA test results showed he was the little girl's father.

Robert Blake became Bakely's tenth husband on November 19, His lawyer would later explain that Blake felt he "had to" marry Bakely because she had given birth to his baby.