Acupuncture in Clinical Practice: A guide for health professionals

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Expand list. Patients are advised to find fully qualified, licensed and certified acupuncturists.

Many conventional physicians make referrals to such acupuncturists. Patients with any of these conditions may be advised not to engage in treatments: For more information about programs and protocols see our Integrative Programs and Protocols page. View All References. This website is for informational purposes only.

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It is not intended as a substitute for careful medical evaluation and treatment by a competent, licensed personal healthcare professional. View additional information. Toggle navigation.

Acupuncture Research Evidence

Which Options Best Suit You? Pain or bleeding at needling sites Hematoma, leaking of blood outside blood vessels Fatigue Lightheadedness Drowsiness Localized skin irritation and infections rare since national certification requirements for clean-needle techniques were developed and enforced as an acupuncture licensure requirement. World Health Organization. Paice JA, Portenoy R et al.

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Yang Y, Zuo HQ et al. Comparison of efficacy of simo decoction and acupuncture or chewing gum alone on postoperative ileus in colorectal cancer resection: a randomized trial. Scientific Reports. Zhou M, Li Y et al. A randomized controlled comparison of electro-acupoint stimulation or ondansetron versus placebo for the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting.

Anesthesia and Analgesia. Acupuncture for cancer pain in adults. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Using integrative medicine in pain management: an evaluation of current evidence.

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Lu W, Matulonis UA et al. The feasibility and effects of acupuncture on quality of life scores during chemotherapy in ovarian cancer: results from a pilot, randomized sham-controlled trial. Medical Acupuncture. Current evidence of acupuncture for symptoms related to breast cancer survivors: a PRISMA-compliant systematic review of clinical studies in Korea.

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November , Boston, Massachusetts.

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Adverse events in acupuncture and moxibustion treatment: a six-year survey at a national clinic in Japan. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Acupuncture treatment: side effects and complications reported by Swedish physiotherapists. Complementary Therapies in Medicine. Filshie J.

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Safety aspects of acupuncture in palliative care. Block KI. A new publication provides a road map for licensed acupuncturists that could also serve members of other integrative healthcare professions. While focused on acupuncturists, it was developed to serve as a guide for credentialing of other integrative healthcare professionals. The page document—with 20 additional pages of resources—was developed with input from over two dozen acupuncturists, medical directors, and administrators.

These professionals have pioneered credentialing acupuncture and Oriental medical professionals in hospitals and other medical delivery organizations across the United States. The practical guide offers six sections. The themes explored include different models for compensation and employment, scope of practice-related decisions, and the use of a memorandum of understanding:.

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Perhaps the most practical tools, particularly for administrators, are in the appendices. For example, practices may be restricted to treating certain conditions, or prohibit use of any non-needle AOM therapies, including Chinese medicines, moxibustion, and Tuina. Of note, the focus of the two-page section is not on shortcomings of hospitals.


I appreciated the comprehensive approach to learning acupuncture and my clients have responded well to this treatment approach. British Acupuncture Council They include a good deal of information for patients both generally see the Traditional Acupuncture section as well as Research Fact Sheets for 60 conditions ranging from acne to vertigo. For me, the greatest value of this course was the integration of palpations skills, anatomy, and the surgical precision in needling skills. The courses have taught me the anatomical relevance of the neuro-reactive sites in relationship to musculoskeletal anatomy, function, and disorders. The criteria list utilized indicate that one of the three studies was of high quality and it presents indifferent results. The McMaster Contemporary Acupuncture program has improved every facet of my assessing and treatment protocol.

Instead, it guides practitioners to what they may do better. Current accredited education in acupuncture is limited when it comes to preparing students for working in hospitals and other Western medical establishments. Some resources are available to help remedy that. Comment : The uneven uptake of acupuncturists and other licensed integrative healthcare professionals creates a repeated situation in which some administrators are given a task that he or she thinks is akin to bringing Martians into a gated suburban subdivision.

Do they need to be quarantined first? Hopefully this document will facilitate inclusion, especially in this moment in which this practitioner group, and other integrative health professionals, can be such useful partners in combating the propensity of medical doctors to go straight to opioids unless they know their hands will be slapped for doing so. For acupuncturists interested in these jobs, go to school on this document. Engage an honest inventory with the Competencies.

John Weeks is a writer, speaker, chronicler and organizer with 32 years of experience in the movement for integrative health and medicine. He increasingly enjoys teaching and mentoring. He has consulted with insurers, employers, professional organizations, universities and government agencies at all levels.